Misha Flores

I’m a bad blogger.

Hi, been a bad website admin/blogger for a long time now.

Got some horrible news about a family member I’m super close to getting ALS in September of 2016, so that has been devastating and life changing.  And the elections, and the holidays, and my dog tore her canine equivalent of an ACL in her knee, so surgery for her and she’s just recovering.

But I have been painting! And protesting!  And calling my representatives!  Much work ahead for all of us, indeed.

So here’s a little something I made to carry for the woman’s march.




I chose a woman of color to represent all minorities and women, and a rainbow to represent the LGBTQ community. The serpent represents healing and wisdom, but it also refers to the original Don’t Tread On Me flag, where the viper is to be respected because it will defend itself fiercely. I made her a goddess to honor the strength and power in all of us.

A friend shared it on Facebook, and one of her friends commented that it reminded him of Ayida Wedo. So I looked that up.

All these pics came up very similar to mine. I thought oh, no, I plagiarized some artist!

Nope. She’s an African rainbow serpent goddess. The things that she stands for, so appropriate to the march. “She represents continuity and strength, integration and wholeness, as the rainbow contains all the colors, split from white light. Integrity, whether physical (structural), or moral, is the natural result of integration–weaving together elements that are very different. Her message is one of healing and strength for the whole of the world.”

Carl Jung, eat your heart out.