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Website Makeover

If you are checking out my page I hope you will be patient, as it will be constantly undergoing an awkward-prepubescent-stage for the next several days (hopefully not weeks??!) as I adapt all my data to a new theme.  Forgive nonsensical text sample ramblings and missing galleries in the meantime!  This should all result in a much smoother and more polished experience.  Unfortunately at the expense of much screen time.  Argh, time for a computer break and a nap…

Be well!

PBC’s Earth Day Events

I’ve been a bit busy with several of the preparations for Pacifica Beach Coalition’s Earth Day events this year, and was sad I couldn’t be there for the actual day itself as we went out of town to visit with family.  But at least I got to contribute by painting for them.  They asked me to do their billboard again this year, and a little photo board you can put your head in for some silly fun shots at the event itself.  The theme this year is BEES!  Because they are a precious and endangered resource.  I got this sweet shot of a honey bee at Sharp Park beach, on a lovely little daisy, with the intention of loosely basing my billboard on it.




And the billboard came out like this…




It was a good 4′ x 6′.  Not bad for short notice anyway. 🙂

Today I discovered the Create Art Collective here in Pacifica, through a friend at the Pacifica Art Guild. Excited to make some new art friends!  I’ve been so focused on the Marine Mammal Center and the Beach Coalition that it’s been hard to art sufficiently!  But I have got to shift gears.  More to come…


All Images Copyright Misha Flores Fine Art 2020