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Fogfest is a local annual Pacifica tradition, with a parade, music, food, art.  The last couple of years I helped out with the Pacifica Beach Coalition’s floats/art and marched with them.  This year I am participating with another group, the Create! Art Collective, run by the fabulously On-It Rebecca Gulley.  She doesn’t miss a beat.  She has arranged a booth in front of the CWC on Palmetto Ave., so there will be art at the booth as well as inside the CWC.  We have some really beautiful work together!  Helped hang the indoor exhibit today.  I cannot be at the festival this weekend as we have a multi-day Pakistani style wedding to attend (which is exciting!)  but my art will be there for me, and the Collective will be representin’!

Wildlife Mural Complete

8' x 10.5'

Finished sealing this puppy today.  Here’s how it basically ended up.  I’ll have to ask the homeowner if I can get a better pic without tape and stuff on it sometime.  What a fun project, I enjoyed making their ideas a reality and creating this joyful nursery piece in honor of this precious new life coming into the world.  Sending best wishes and blessings to the parents and their little-bundle-to-come!


Mural for a Nursery, 8' x 10.5'
Mural for a Nursery, 8′ x 10.5′

Tiny Paintings

Thought I’d make a couple wee tiny paintings to sell at very low price point at an upcoming festival thing. Turns out they take just about as much time as big ones, you just use smaller brushes! (Hmm, I suspect I’m doing it wrong.)


Wildlife Mural

Terribly fun, I get to paint my friend’s nursery wall, a nice big space.  And I do love painting animals, and whadya know she and her husband want some local fauna populating the local landscape!  Got a start rolling here, got some background, soon there will be critters!


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