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Women’s View — 2016

Excited to have gotten into this exhibit of San Mateo County women artists!  I will be entering Anahata, the latest in my series about the chakras, the heart chakra.  I am so enjoying this series.  All the symbolism inherent in each chakra–its corresponding element, its aspects of the personality and emotions, where it is on the body–it’s all rich with opportunities at imagery, you just have to use your imagination to think how.  And as we are talking about points on the body, it centers around the figure, which is my favorite subject of course.  The figure and the psyche.  How perfect is that?   Anyway see the Exhibitions page for details about the when and where of this women’s exhibit!


This Year’s PBC Earth Day Billboard.

Otters are the mascot du jour.  Just finished this cute lil billboard.  In case you’re thinking, “Earth Day is on the 22nd!  So what about Earth Day?”, that kind of thing:  The Beach Coalition here has been doing this Earth Day celebration/volunteer thing every year for a long time, and it’s always held at the same place, Linda Mar Beach.  Always at 9:00 AM.  So everyone knows the drill.  So I can just focus on making a cute critter and putting the year’s slogan front and center, ya know?

Anyway now that’s done on to painting an actual painting.  I’ve been so busy with getting that photo show together and painting my hubby’s office, and painting the fireplace, and then this, I haven’t had time to actually PAINT!  That’s just not right.  Though this was fun.

2016 Earth Day Billboard for the Pacifica Beach Coalition.
2016 Earth Day Billboard for the Pacifica Beach Coalition.

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