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Tibetan Sand Painting

Got to go see a mandala of the medicine Buddha being made by the Tibetan monks.  They come every year to the Crow Asian Art museum, but this is the first time I’ve gotten to see them personally.  I got to talk to one of them, his name was Gyatso (just like His Holiness the Dalai Lama) and he was my age.  (Eternally 29 of course.  Hehe, just kidding.  Mid-thirties really.)  They were going to destroy this beautiful painting after it was completed, of course.  Symbol of the truth of impermanence.  And then they would pour this mandala into Turtle Creek when it was all over, to send its blessing out into the waters of the world.

Forces of Nature feature on cravedfw

Many thanks to Stealingkitty for her article about the Forces of Nature show! “There is a celebration going on at this exhibition and Misha Flores and painting it out loud. I felt great joy while viewing her painting that depicts the connectedness of animal and tree in this living infinity. In brushed motion, a light pastel background sets the tone, and the luminous sun illuminates life. The life consists of delightful painted monkeys, tree, roots, birds, curvaceous naked women, and a variety of other living things swirling together–life. Her Buddhist beliefs feel present in another work featuring a woman with tentacle-like hair in a lotus position. The beautiful greens and blues play nicely in this piece and continue influencing a feeling of joy while being viewed. I applaud Misha for celebrating life on her painted canvas, and am thankful to experience joy while standing in front of her work.” via Fractal Logic Mural Show and Forces of Nature | cravedfw.


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