Misha Flores

New Year’s News

Whew!  The holidays were long and active.  Got to catch up with a lot of family and relax a lot.  Went on a meditation retreat for a week.  Went, sadly, to a funeral for a dear old friend.  But I’m back home and hitting the ground running.

I’ll be hanging a series of photos of local landscapes at the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday.  I hope folks will swing by and check them out if they are around Rockaway Beach in February, they’ll be there all month.

Then I’m painting billboards for Pacifica Beach Coalition’s wonderful annual Earth Day event.  The theme this year, their mascot, is:  The Otter! Should be fun to paint!!

And I’m working on these chakra paintings, and some other figure paintings.  I’ve pretty much decided life is too short to paint things you don’t want to paint.  So I’m gonna basically focus on what I really love, what really speaks to my soul, the figure.  I can’t tell you how relieving that feels.  So goodbye, experiments in trash art, nature closeups; you were fun. But I need to get down to business!

About to enter the San Mateo Women’s Art exhibit for 2016 as well, wish me luck.

Here’s to creating!