Misha Flores


So I’ve been painting up a storm lately working on a series I told myself I’d do years ago, about the chakras.  And that’s been coming out great so far, I’ll post some later, but I took a break this week to paint something different. There’s this Oddville show coming up on Friday, of which the Create! Art Collective is going to be a part, so I was thinking this would be a perfect time to paint something outside the box.

A while back a friend of mine posed to me the question of how I would depict a hungry ghost, which is actually a Buddhist concept of a state of mind.  It’s a state of mind that is full of insatiability, quench one desire and more pop up, there is always an emotional emergency or a perceived need that must be relieved.  I immediately thought of No Face, of course, from the amazing animated flick Spirited Away.  If you’ve ever seen that movie you know that No Face is like the most sublime and perfect example of this state of mind, of endless, unquenchable desire.  Because it had really been done so perfectly already, I put it aside after a couple sketches.  But then this show is coming up, and though I have a few odd pieces that are probably too strange for most galleries, I wanted something extra out-there to stand out for this show.  And my thoughts turned to those sketches I had done for a hungry ghost.

Hungry Ghost Acrylic on Canvas 24" x 36"

Hungry Ghost
Acrylic on Canvas
24″ x 36″

I think it turned out pretty cool!  So I’ll be there with this and several photo montages I need to unload at a very reasonable price. 😉  I will be with a couple awesome fellow artists and their work, such as Mark Bray –who has a great show up right now in San Francisco at the Reading Clinic on W. Portal, check it out!–and Luis Marroquin who does really cool carved tribal looking work out of skateboards and such!