Misha Flores

Disrupted Landscape

How to convey, in this visual medium, the frustration of being in a beautiful corner of the world, and every time I walk out into it my eye is drawn the the menace of garbage. Garbage everywhere. Killing wildlife, leaching toxins, ruining the view.

Let it disrupt the painted landscape as it does the real one.

Disrupted Landscape

I hope to do a series like this prototype.  Unfortunately, there is plenty of free material to work with!  I’ll continue to collect it every time I go on a nature walk.

A fellow member of the Pacifica Beach Coalition posted a link to the blog coastodian.org the other day.  I was struck by this poem, from his entry Memorial Day In West Marin.  Truth:

Blessed are we that live near to the coast
Rhythmic surf soothes our souls
Peregrine, osprey, pelican fill the sky
Five white sharks swim free in the sea

Cursed are we that live near to the coast
Explosions of plastic remind us our folly
Blanket the beach needlessly with pretty poison

Soldiers travel the world
To protect us from evil empires
Who to protect us from our convenient plastic poison?