Misha Flores

Oh My, Where to Start…

So we moved to California!  The San Francisco Bay Area to be exact.  That happened last year, and therefore I had quite an adjustment period.  But I’m back!  Been doing some commissions, but haven’t gotten into the art community in this area as of yet.  So <gulp> there may be a bit of a gap in my exhibitions list for the last year! But getting back on track. 🙂

So many things!  Been taking closeup photos of nature for a couple years.  I will get that printed into a series.  Also I’m very inspired by the landscape around here, so I’ve been painting some closeups as well as working on a photo series for a local calendar.

I am most excited about a series I’m just starting that ties together the volunteer work I’ve been doing and my art.  I pick up trash, and paint things for the Pacifica Beach Coalition, a fantastic local environmental group.  I’m also volunteering with the Marine Mammal Center up in Sausalito, where they rehabilitate injured and ailing pinipeds (seals and sea lions.)  So I am very cognizant of the impact of trash on our local wildlife.  My new series will repurpose the trash I’m picking up, and make some relevant art that juxtaposes this disgusting debris with the very land and animals it destroys.

So things are cooking.  I leave you today with my last commission, for the Pacifica Beach Coalition’s Earth Day festivities.

Earth Day Sign